Fantastic Opening

We had our opening at Bang & Olufsen yesterday – 14/03/15. There were a couple of groups who came in the morning, but things really got going in the afternoon, with a steady stream of visitors to the exhibition. There was a really good atmosphere with music playing and drinks and nibbles being offered to everyone who viewed.

Angela was inviting people to light candles and drip wax on her exhibit, which was a little worrying in case the smoke alarm went off and the sprinkler system sprang into action, but thankfully everything went without a hitch.

John Blakemore came and ended up talking to some London students about bookmaking, which was lovely.

Lucy and Louise from Wideyed also came and they had a good chat with Beth which she was thrilled about.

I had some lovely feedback about my photographs and even had a request for one of my handmade books.

We kept a visitors book and invited everyone to leave comments – all of which were really positive. We couldn’t have had a better opening really, let’s hope we can drag loads more people in, as it was a really great experience.

Thanks again to Carly and team at B&O for hosting our exhibition, they were great.

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